Our Mission...

Is to nourish the body,

replenish the spirit,

and grow the community...

so all might be fed.


Want to Volunteer? We Function with 95% Volunteers.

There are two ways that you can volunteer 

Serve as a One Acre Café Volunteer Staff Member

Serving food, bussing/cleaning tables, washing and drying dishes, picking up trash around building, cleaning bathrooms, washing windows, mopping floors, wrapping silverware, maintenance work, food preparation, etc. Space is limited, so it’s best to schedule your volunteer slot ahead of time. Currently, volunteer opportunities are available Monday through Friday 10 am to 2 pm. We are not open on the weekends or evening.  

Exchange an Hour of Work For Your Meal

Drop in anytime One Acre Café is open to work in exchange for your meal.  Just tell the cashier that you would like to cover the cost of your meal by helping out at the cafe. 

All Volunteers Must:

• Be 16 years of age or come with and be supervised by a parent/guardian

• Fill out the Volunteer Application, sign the Volunteer Waiver Form (parents must sign for minors), & sign the Health Waiver

• Follow the Dress Code when volunteering

• Check in with the Volunteer Coordinator when you arrive.

• Sign in before you begin work and sign out when your shift is over

Once your application is filled out we will invite you to Homebase, our volunteer scheduling platform. This is a downloadable app on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Click the link below for more information.