Our Mission...

Is to nourish the body,

replenish the spirit,

and grow the community...

so all might be fed.


Thinking About Scheduling a Group to Volunteer?

Volunteering at One Acre Café is a great way to serve the community!

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 423-483-0517 or volunteer@oneacrecafe.org to discuss scheduling your group to volunteer.

Below are some guidelines for groups who plan to volunteer at One Acre Café

• Groups need to be scheduled in advance. We have regular volunteers that will need to be rescheduled if a large group is coming in to help out.

• Groups can be no more than 8 people. We do not have enough volunteer positions for more than 8 people. If you have a larger group, consider splitting them up and your group can volunteer on two days.

• Anyone under 16 must be supervised by an adult. Groups must provide equal number of adult supervisors for each person less than 16 years of age.

• Dress code: All volunteers in your group must following the OAC Dress Code when volunteering.

• After we have scheduled your group, if 6-8 people are not able to volunteer, we will need 2 business days’ notice to secure other volunteers for the day.

• Volunteer positions for the day will be greeting customers, taking orders & serving customers at the table, working at the drink station, bussing/cleaning tables and washing dishes. It is also very helpful if your group is able to stay after we close and help clean the café.

• Volunteer hours are from 10 am until 3 pm. We prefer that a group be here the entire day if possible. If all volunteers are new, the group will need to arrive early for training.