Our Mission…

Is to nourish the body,

replenish the spirit,

and grow the community…

so all might be fed.


One Acre Café…

One Acre Café was established to further address the escalating issues of hunger food insecurity in our community.One Acre Café uses the model provided by  One World Everybody Eats  joining the growing family of more than sixty other community cafes across the country. This progressive model is unique in the Johnson City area and is a great addition to the plans for downtown revitalization.

One Acre Café offers our community healthy and nutritious food in a warm and inviting space. There are suggested donations for those who can pay or pay it forward and the ability to volunteer in exchange for a meal for those who cannot. Our café offers a passionate, skilled chef who works with local farmers to produce amazing cuisine.

You Are the Staff…

You are the staff! Our volunteers are integral to running the day to day operations of One Acre Café. Whether you are volunteering for your meal or simply giving your time, it is the “coming together” of community that creates the heart of the café.

One Acre Café is a faith-based organization that operates under the basic principle that we should treat others as we want to be treated.

Ways You Can Help OAC…

Donate Money

One Acre Café recieves no state or federal funding. We depend on our community to support this commuity café.


Be a part of something bigger. There are several ways to volunteer.


Come in to One Acre Café and eat. “Pay it forward,” while you are here. 

Donate Items

One Acre Café has an Amazon Wish List!