Our Mission...

Is to nourish the body,

replenish the spirit,

and grow the community...

so all might be fed.



What is One Acre Cafe?

We are a non-profit café formed under the concepts of One World Everybody Eats. These concepts are:

1. To serve a variety of healthy, nutritious food
2. Buy locally when possible
3. Offer a small, medium or large meal option
4. Offer some type of work-in-exchange program.

We are dedicated to providing a place where all members of the community can gather and eat a delicious meal in a welcoming environment, regardless of their ability to pay.

How Did it Start?

A group of concerned individuals came together and decided that the Johnson City area needed a community resource where all people coud come together to eat, serve, and get to know one another better.

Where Does the Food Come From?

We strive to include local produce, meats and dairy products in our daily menu. Many times items are donated by local businesses and gardeners to help support the café. Whenever possible, we buy from local farmers and co-ops to promote local businesses. For this reason, our menu changes daily and can always be viewed through social media and our website.

How Does it Work?

Members of our community volunteer to help us serve delicious healthy food. Those who cannot pay eat for free, then help us by “working in exchange for their meal”. Those who can pay, support the café through donations. Everyone helps in one way or another to keep the café thriving.

How Do You Pay For Your Meal?

There are two ways to pay for your meal. One is through volunteering at the café. The other way is to pay the suggested donation amount using either cash, debit/credit card, or check. This is the perfect time to “pay it forward”. By giving more, you help to ensure someone else in the community can eat. In light of the huge need identified in the summer of 2016, One Acre Café has stepped out in faith to offer our Kids Eat Free Program everyday. This means that all children 12 and under will always eat free.

How Can I Volunteer at One Acre Café?

You can arrange to volunteer and help us run the café in several different ways. You can stop in and ask to help or you can sign up on our website through the “Volunteer” tab. We have jobs for everyone; waiting tables, clearing tables, prepping food, working at the drink station or doing dishes. We like to say this is “your” café and we need your help to maintain it as a resource for Johnson City.

What is Portion Control?

We waste a great deal of food in our country.  In order to reduce costs and eliminate food waste, we offer a choice of plate sizes; small, medium and large.

If I am paying, how much should I pay?

In an effort to reduce cost and eliminate food waste we offer three plate sizes with suggested donation amounts [Small $6.00] [Medium $8.00] and [Large $10.00]. Those who are able to pay for their meal have the option to “pay it forward” by donating an additional amount.  This helps OAC to provide meals for others in our community.

Would others know that I am volunteering for my meal?

No, we treat all with dignity. No one knows who is volunteering for a meal and who is here just to help out. We know times are tough – if you have trouble paying the suggested donation, we encourage you to volunteer and save your money for other necessities.