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One Acre Café is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


What is One Acre Cafe?

One Acre Café is a non-profit community restaurant which has been established to provide a means by which all can participate in addressing the growing hunger issues of the day. This is a place where all in the community can gather to eat healthy delicious food and strengthen our community by offering hope through the enjoyment of a meal.

How do I pay for my meal?

There are two ways to pay: one is the traditional [cash, check or credit/debit] payment, the other is through volunteering in the cafe or perhaps at another non-profit partner in the area.

If I am paying, how much should I pay?

In an effort to reduce cost and eliminate food waste we offer three plate sizes with suggested donation amounts [Small $5.00] [Medium $7.00] and [Large $9.00]. Those who are able to pay for their meal have the option to “pay it forward” by donating an additional amount.  This helps OAC to provide meals for others in our community.

If I would like to volunteer today, how will that work?

If you would like to volunteer for a meal today or volunteer to help in the café, simply see one of our volunteer coordinators. You may volunteer first and then order your meal from the menu, or you may eat first then we will help you decide where you can help out.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

At One Acre Café, you might set or clear tables, wash dishes, help with watering the herb garden, or help out with general cleaning. There are many areas available to volunteer and a job for everyone!  In return for your time toward the operation of the café, you can either eat that day or you will receive a card providing you with a meal at the café.

Would others know that I am volunteering for my meal?

No, we treat all with dignity. No one knows who is volunteering for a meal and who is here just to help out. We know times are tough - if you have trouble paying the suggested donation, we encourage you to volunteer and save your money for other necessities.